The Digital Experience

Dear Doctors,

It all starts this Saturday. ESC Congress 2020 – The Digital Experience, is now only hours away. Don’t miss all the cardiovascular science that will impact your practice.ESC Congress 2020 – The Digital Experience


To Control Your Life, Control What You Pay Attention To

One of the best insights on what true productivity means in the 21stcentury dates back to 1890. In his book The Principles of Psychology, Vol.1, William James wrote a simple statement that’s packed with meaning: « My experience is what I agree to attend to. »


Warum es deutsche Ärzte in die Schweiz zieht

Kein Globalbudget, mehr Zeit, weniger Klassenunterschiede. Drei Chirurgen erzählen, was sie in der Schweiz am meisten schätzen. Und sie üben harsche Kritik am deutschen Gesundheitssystem.

Rund 7’000 Ärztinnen und Ärzte sind bereits von Deutschland in die Schweiz umgezogen. Jede fünfte Arztpraxis hierzulande ist in deutscher Hand. Das Schweizer Gesundheitssystem würde ohne deutsche Ärzte wohl kaum funktionieren. 


I am a physician and I am not your enemy

When I was 18, I decided I wanted to be a doctor.  I wanted to help people.  I wanted to make things better for others.  So, I studied hard in college.  I couldn’t afford to pay for test prep classes for the medical school entrance exam, so I studied on my own.  I would lock myself in my room and study for six to eight hours at a time for weeks in preparation for the exam.  My roommates thought I was crazy as they enjoyed their nights and weekends being college students.  My hard work paid off, and I did well enough on my first try to get into the medical school that I aspired to attend.  I studied hard in medical school.  I was amongst the brightest of the bright and boy, were they impressive.  I learned much about medicine and life in those four years.  Then I worked my way through residency.  It was tough.  Residency demanded of me physically, mentally, and emotionally more than anything else I had ever done.


Lead, follow, or get out of the way

We represent the front lines in this ongoing crisis, and we are disheartened by not only the lack of support but overwhelming greed from just about all of you.

We have kept our mouths shut and practiced medicine, providing excellent patient care, while many of you became incredibly wealthy on the backs of our hard work. Many of you have not touched or cared for a patient in years; some of you have never in your life have provided direct patient contact. Yet somehow, patient care has made you millionaires and billionaires. Now is the time to stand up and shine.


L’intelligence collective, pilier des organisations du futur

Au-delà de la transformation digitale et du déploiement des nouvelles technologies, les organisations du futur repose également sur le socle du collaboratif et plus précisément sur l’intelligence collective.

Dans notre environnement de travail actuel, l’intelligence collective est indispensable.


Zulassungsbeschränkung für Spezialärzte im Kanton Zürich seit 13. Dezember 2019


Der Regierungsrat des Kantons Zürich hat am 10. Dezember 2019 beschlossen, ab sofort eine Zulassungsbeschränkung für Spezialärzte im praxisambulanten Bereich einzuführen. Dazu gab es am Vormittag des 13.12.2019 eine Medienkonferenz. Die AGZ wurde kurzfristig, am 12. Dezember abends von der Gesundheitsdirektorin vorinformiert.

Für eine Berufsausübungsbewilligung zur eigenverantwortlichen Tätigkeit im Kanton Zürich mit Berechtigung zur Abrechnung zulasten der OKP muss ein Spezialarzt neu seit 13. Dezember 2019 zusätzlich 3 Jahre Tätigkeit an einer vom SIWF anerkannten schweizerischen Weiterbildungsstätte nachweisen. Die Beschränkung trifft also ausländische Ärzte bzw. Ärzte, welche ihre Ausbildung im Ausland absolviert haben.


Don’t Push Yourself to the Point of Burnout

Resiliency, stress, and burnout have become common topics in the corporate community. 

Resiliency means that bounce back factor, that inner strength to overcome adversity, suit up, and get back into the arena despite the setbacks. Burnout has really reached epidemic proportions. So what do you do about this ?

Everyone recognizes the importance of reasonable time management, which is actually self-management. But let me share with you the rest of the story.


JNS Staffing annonce l’ouverture de sa filiale Suisse

5 ans après sa création et une année 2019 après son arrivée à St. Moritz exceptionnelle en termes d’activité liés aux nouveaux partenariats hospitaliers, JNS Staffing annonce l’ouverture d’un bureau dans le quartier d’Altstetten à Zürich, bien qu’il y aura la siège à Lausanne.

Accompagnant ses clients et candidats depuis France, le Cabinet de recrutement spécialisé JNS Staffing, souhaite renforcer sa présence en Suisse et asseoir ainsi son image d’acteur référent du conseil dans le secteur du recrutement médical.


Luck Is One Of The Most Important Factors In Your Success ?

We get it, this is going to be an unpopular opinion. We all like to feel like the success we’ve achieved or the money that we’ve carne dis the product of a unique blend of hard work, perseverante, and discipline.

While it is certainly advantageous to possess all of these character traits, you still might be missing the last magic ingredient: luck.

The Hustle recently spoke with Success and Luck : The Myth of Meritocracy author Robert Frank, a Cornell University Economics professor, in an effort to determine just how much luck comes into play with career and life success.