The values our team transfer on a daily basis include transparency, diversity and integrity.

We work transparently with you, with a construcitive spirit and aim to sustain the customer relationship over time.

We carry out strategic, methodological and operational support missions for our partners.

We elaborate, develop and implement various operational plans in order to achieve the objectives set together according to the available budget.

We lear about your institution to familiarize you with the background of your organisation, the challenges you are currently facing and what you will need to anticipate in the future.

Only candidates for whom the qualifications, skills and abilities corresponding to the proposed position are presented to you.

In order to be successful, it is necessary to identify among the most qualified candidates all those who are best suited to the job and who are in perfect harmony with the culture, mission and purpose of the hiring company.

To be as close as possible to our candidates and partners to accompany them with all reactivity in each stage of the execution of their objective.